hey babe.

We're the fitzgerald, a reformer pilates studio and spandex shop in downtown huntsville.


The Workout ──────


BE A BADASS with a good ass.


Our custom built reformer machines provide CONSTANT resistance and allow for smooth transitions between exercises to keep your heart rate up and the sweat rolling.

While our work is  based in the holistic principals of pilates we amp it up to an athletic level. you'll get a killer low-impact , yet hardcore workout that is safe and oh so very effective. So come on already! Throw up your hair and grab your sitcky socks.



The Spandex Shop ─────


trust us... we've got great taste.

In our on-site shop, we've hand-picked a killer selection of up and coming activewear and accessory lines to take you from pilates to pinot in two shakes of a dry shampoo bottle.