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This is our signature Pilates class, designed to get your body moving and your heart pumping! Form is a 50-minute class that incorporates traditional Pilates, jumpboard cardio, strength training, and balance work all on our custom-built Reformer. Our instructors keep a keen eye on your form, but we PROMISE you'll leave sweating and come crawling back for more!

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Ready to take it to the next level? This intense class increases the cardio, resistance, and results you've already seen while working off the front AND back of our Reformer! Form 2.0 moves at a faster pace with zero down time, so we ask that you be very comfortable on our machine. You must have AT LEAST three Form classes under your belt before joining Form 2.0.

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This class combines 25 minutes of high intensity kick-ass Pilates and 25 minutes of deep—deep deep—stretching on our Reformer. We get that bod of yours warm with the workout, then stretch and stretch and stretch til you feel like taffy. It’s good, babe. It’s REAL good. 


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The most perfect combination of cardio and focused reformer pilates work around. We weave 20 minutes of heart pounding tabata style interval training in with 30 minutes of focused and intense reformer pilates to burn MAJOR calories while toning up that little bod of yours!



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